About Alan Banta

Alan D. Banta- President

Trans Pacific Oil Corporation


Mr. Banta has been employed with Trans Pacific Oil Corporation for over 35 years. He graduated with a BS in Geology; and a minor in Mathematics in 1979.  Course work emphasis was on Petroleum Geology. He is also the Managing Member of Trans Pacific Properties, LLC, Commerce Street Development Partners, LLC and Fireworx, LLC-all real estate holding entities.  Professional Affiliations include Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association as Executive Vice Chairman in South Central Region, Kansas Oil & Gas Resources Board as past Chairman and executive committee member, Society of Economic Geologists, Kansas Geological Society, Kansas Geological Library, American Association of Petroleum Geologists, Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and American Association of Professional Landmen. Outside of the industry, Alan serves as Chairman elect of Downtown Wichita and as a Board member of the Wichita Metro Crime Commission.