US House Small Business Committee Subcommittee Testimony

March, 2023

KIOGA Methane Emissions Comments to the EPA 

January 2023

KIOGA Letter to Congress 

January 2023

Induced Seismicity and Injection Wells in Kansas

January 2023

HF Regulatory & Policy Considerations

January 2023

Hydraulic Fracturing & Drinking Water

January 2023

KIOGA KS Oil & Gas Industry Strategic Analysis Report

January 2023

State of the Oil & Gas Industry 

January 2023

Induced Seismicity Facts

January 2023

KIOGA Summary of DOE Methane Study

September 2022

WOTUS Issues

June 2022

KIOGA Comments to DOI on LPC HCP

March 2022

KIOGA Comments to DOI on Lesser Prairie Chicken

July 2021