Who We Are

Founded in 1937, the Kansas Independent Oil & Gas Association (KIOGA) is a nonprofit member organization representing independent oil and natural gas producers in Kansas, as well as allied service and supply companies. The purpose of KIOGA as stated in the original articles of incorporation, is “. . . to improve the market for oil and gas produced in Kansas and to promote the welfare of the oil and gas industry in the State of Kansas.”

The Impact of Independent Production

Independent oil and natural gas producers are nonintegrated companies which receive nearly all their revenue from production at the wellhead. Independents are in the oil and natural gas exploration and production business and are not major integrated companies who also refine and market petroleum end-products. Independents account for 93% of the oil and 63% of the natural gas produced in Kansas. Nationally, independents drill 90% of domestic oil and natural gas wells and produce over 80% of America’s oil and natural gas.

With over 4,200 members, KIOGA is the lead state and national advocate for Kansas independent oil and natural gas producers. We are committed to ensuring that tomorrow’s energy policy will be one in which our members grow and prosper. Our active presence before the Kansas Legislature, U.S. Congress, state and federal regulatory agencies, and other governmental decision-makers means the concerns of Kansas independent oil and natural gas producers are heard in Topeka and Washington.