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KIOGA’s vision is simple – to promote the development of Kansas’ oil and natural gas resources for the betterment of society. We recognize that our members truly are the fabric of many communities throughout Kansas. KIOGA members not only employ and support over 100,000 Kansans and their families with good paying jobs boosting our state economy, but also pay significant taxes and often make significant charitable gifts that support communities and general overall well-being of our state. 


Through rigorous engage-ment at the state and federal level, KIOGA works to create a more stable and predictable political and regulatory environment for our members. We are committed to being a positive, credible, and proactive voice for industry, promoting respectful dialogue and education to advance oil and gas interests at the state and federal level. 

Membership in KIOGA Gives You:

A United Voice in Topeka & Washington

Few independent businesses have the budget, time, and expertise to individually tackle issues at the federal, state, and local levels of government as well as regulatory issues. KIOGA is the government relations branch for each of our members. Our personal and frequent contacts with key legislators and decision-makers effectively influence public policy on behalf of KIOGA members.

Access to Legislative & Business Information
Whether you need to know how to comply with the latest laws and regulations or need legislative updates on pending issues, KIOGA provides you timely information that can affect your company’s profit and growth opportunities. KIOGA members receive analyses and publications that help them keep their business competitive and current on industry trends and issues including the KIOGA Newsletter, KIOGA Express email service, and The American Oil & Gas Reporter magazine to name a few.
A Way to Build Public Understanding

As the oil and gas industry continues to face enormous challenges of providing adequate and reliable energy sup- plies, an informed public has never been more necessary. Join our efforts to fight the negative public image that has made voters and policymakers unsympathetic to major problems confronting independent oil and gas producers.

New Membership Application

KIOGA has 2 membership categories: Producer Member and Regular Member. A Producer Member is an individual or company that produces oil and/or natural gas in Kansas and whose dues, computed by a formula authorized by the KIOGA Board of Directors, exceed the minimum dues of a Regular member ($300/year). A Regular Member is an individual or company that is actively engaged in the Kansas oil and gas industry, except those whose production of oil and/or natural gas qualifies them as a producer member. If you have any questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] or phone 785.232.7772

    For federal income tax purposes, membership dues and contributions to KIOGA are deductible as business expenses, not as charitable contributions.
  • Residents for Kansas

    To help improve our lobbying efforts on your behalf, we need your home address to identify your Federal and State representatives.